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Sunday, June 03, 2012

So I'm thinking of retiring this blog and moving to Wordpress, because Wordpress suddenly looks so pretty. But moving to Wordpress means having to think up of a new URL, and that is... quite tricky.

But I dunno. I haven't exactly had time to blog recently, and this blog *is* 7 years old now. Sentimental value, yo!

Thursday, April 05, 2012
I still actually use this blog!

I race the Sun home in the morning, and the moon up at night
There's just today, and then there's tonight.
Anything can happen, and anything does.
Get through it.

I race the Sun home in the morning, and the moon up at night
Anything can happen, and anything does.
There's just today, and then there's tonight
And tonight - is wonderful.

- The Poker House

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

... I SWEAR.

I will forever keep this blog for sentimental value. It is, after all, fast approaching its 7th birthday! It's in Standard 1 now! Hah just kidding.

I've been working, and with the deadline approaching, leaving the clients' place at 8.30pm is early, and reaching home slightly past 9.10pm is normal, because of the distance between said clients' office and my home.

I'll have more time to blog after my internship's over.

Until then-

Saturday, October 29, 2011
Dear UWA

You really couldn't e-mail us about having half the campus becoming a CHOGM Restricted Access area thus making us detour 'round to Fairway to get to the libraries, huh.

On the other hand, it was quite funny when the policeman was pointing his hand signalling me to go up the underpass exit. I turned and he tipped his hat and waved. Haha. So I waved back a thanks.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Exam timetable

14 Nov - ACA
16 Nov - Company Law
17 Nov - Strat Management and CFP


Monday, September 12, 2011
Favourite lines from...


WARNING: Spoilers for Wicked the Musical.

It was more of the way the lines were delivered, really. But still.

After Frex gives Nessa the jeweled shoes, and thrusts it to Elphaba for safekeeping
Nessa: Oh, Elphaba...
Elphaba: It's alright. I clash with everything.
Mdm Morrible : Oh, you must be the Governor's daughter. What a tragically beautiful face you have
Elphaba walks around to Mdm Morrible's other side, taps her shoulder. Mdm Morrible turns and lets out a shocked gasp.
Elphaba : I'm Elphaba, the Governor's other daughter. I'm beautifully tragic.
Elphaba: Fine, let's get this over with. No, I am not seasick. Yes, I have always been green, and NO, I did not eat grass as a child
Galinda: I don't see why you can't teach us History, instead of harping on the past?!
Galinda looks into a hand mirror for a bit
Galinda: Oh, you.
She looks in it again, holding the mirror at arm's length
Galinda: Helllooooooo.
The Wizard: I am the Wizard! I know why you're here!
Glinda & Elphaba: Ooooooooooooooooooooh
Galinda: I don't hate anyone enough to give them this hat.
Pfanee & Shenshen : Yes you do.
Galinda pauses. It strikes her.
Galinda: Noooooooo.
Galinda: I can't believe it! You're first party ever?
Elphaba, laughing: Do funerals count?
Galinda: Now that we're friends, let's tell each other something we've never told anyone before. I'll start. Fiyero and I are getting married!
Elphaba: Really? He's asked you already?
Galinda: No, he doesn't know yet. Now, your turn. Tell me a secret.
Elphaba: I don't know what to-
Galinda: Tell me why you sleep with this funny little bottle under your pillow.
Elphaba: No!
Galinda: But... but... I told you a really good one!
Elphaba: .... *sigh*... My father hates me.

Galinda gasps dramatically.

Elphaba: That's not the secret.
Galinda: It's tomorrow! Aaaaah!
Dr Dillamond: I'm quite alright. Go on, join your friends outside.
Elphaba: That's alright - I don't have any friends.
Galinda: He's been thinking, and that worries me!
Fiyero: I've been thinking...
Elphaba: So I heard.

Awkward pause

Fiyero: I think a lot about that day
Elphaba: I do as well.

Another long awkward pause

Galinda: Me too. All the time. (Galinda clearly doesn't have a clue)
Galinda: I've been thinking of... .... ... changing my name.
Galinda: I will change my name to... Glinda. *makes strained reaction, like she's dying*


Elphaba: Galinda -
Glinda: It's Glinda now! The Ga is silent! ... Oh, is this how normal people feel?
Elphaba: You're the only friend I've ever had.
Gilnda: And I've had so many friends.

Some of the mean stuff that were said about Elphaba, but I find it funny in a dark humour way.

Galinda: Bright?! She's positively phosphorescent!
Galinda: Ooooh, looks like the artichoke is steamed!
Fiyero: Maybe my friend saw green and thought it meant go!

The little things:
- Elphaba/Jemma Rix imitating Galinda/Lucy Durack at the "Every little trait however small" in What is this feeling?
- Elphaba's awkward dance at the Ozdust Ballroom
- The entire catfight scene (And Glinda's HUGE, relieved "Oh yeesssssssssssssss" when asked if she felt better)

And of course, the entire Popular scene. Lucy Durack was literally bursting forth with energy it was infectious. The way she was prancing around on stage, jumping on/by her bed, EVERYTHING. Lucy's hair tossing, Jemma's awkward giggling.

Oh, Australian cast who performed in Perth. There is much to love. They'd be my Wicked cast.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

There are moments in class where I sit and think of what I want to blog about, and then I come back to my room and crash into bed or procrastinate or not study and forget about it.


Anyway. This blog post is to indicate that this blog is, 6 years on, still alive and kicking.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I will be very broke, very fast when I'm home.

Movies I want to watch:
- Thor
- X-Men First Class
- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2
- Cowboys & Aliens

I just realized how geeky that list is. I like.

I slept for 1 1/2 hours this morning. I think the lack of sleep is catching up on me. I might need to sleep soon.

Also, ICA sucked.

Friday, May 13, 2011

GASP. I've been SO STOKED to go for this since last year! Funny how 12 May has already came and passed, and I have less than a month to my first final papers. This One Day conference was the reason why I wanted to have my Thursdays as free as possible (So I didn't have to skip too many classes), and hey, I even got Thursdays off for the whole semester.

The whole thing was split up to 2 sessions, day and night. The day session was then split to 4 other sessions, with the main Hillsong band (with Reuben Morgan and SPECIAL GUEST Darlene Zschech!). Believe me when I say that Darlene's voice is amazing.

Casey Treat spoke about finding your anointing, and being who God made you to be (Best summarized by the verse in 2 Timothy 1:6). Brian Houston spoke about the importance of building (not just making), Bobbie Houston spoke of what she loved the most, and how important the Word is to us, then there was a panel which consisted of Julia (Don't know her surname, but she's married to Joel A, whose surname I don't know of, except of the first letter, LOL), Joel Houston (insert picture for Min Shen here), Reuben Morgan (He kind of looked like Gerard Butler today. But less rugged?), Sanga (their IT guy), Dazza (Their head of International Operations), Rob Beach (I might be mixing up his role with Dazza's) and Joel A (Brian Houston's right hand man in the church). They talked about building a church and stuff, which was pretty cool too.

The night session was awesome. Joel Houston led the worship team. We opened with "Go" from the Aftermath album, and sang songs like "Like an Avalanche", "Aftermath", "Take Heart", "Shout Unto God", "The Stand" and "Hosanna". Lots of songs from the Aftermath album, and some from A Beautiful Exchange [though those were mostly in the morning session when Darlene and Reuben(Julia calls him Reubs and calls JH 'Joelie')] and some old classics. Talk about singing your hearts/lungs out. After all the singing, as it was about to end, someone shouted "SING ONE WAY!" and we sang one more song (the title I do not know of, but it was a really hard-rock-esque song; think AC/DC kind of rock, which JD totally rocked) and then at the end, Joel Houston was like "So do you guys want us to go home now... or sing One Way?" and oooobviously everyone wanted them to perform One Way, which they did. Ah, what a way to end the day.

Ah, it has been a blessed day. A good way to kick off the Global Day of Prayer event too. On a non-religious, more technical side of things, THEIR SOUND SYSTEMS. GASP. $1000+ CUSTOM FIT IEMs, 6 FEEDBACK MONITORS, INSANE NUMBERS OF SPEAKERS, STROBE-Y LIGHTS (But that was kinda disorienting at first). Also, the Challenge Stadium is right beside/connected to the Western Australian Institute of Sports (WAIS) building, and I watched gymnasts training! Too bad the Olympic reps/Lauren Mitchell weren't there. Jakun sial.

All in all, it was a good day, and I'm kind of amazed that I still can speak right now, considering how much VERY LOUD SINGING was involved throughout the day. Goodnight all!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Only my third post here this semester. This blog's starting to collect dust.

I can't really help it, I suppose. Besides general busy-ness (I was going to spell it business. In a moment of stupidity, I don't know if it's right) and procrastination, I've found that as I age, I grow decreasingly eloquent. I used to think that I had a way with words, a way with writing words - but I think it's pretty much gone now.

Sometimes I try to find a reason as to why. Maybe it's the environment I'm in, what I'm studying, where I'm studying. Commerce is a very black and white subject. You either get the accounts balanced or not, and if it isn't, clearly you've done something wrong and you need to look back and check at it. Finance is all about justification, but you're still reliant on numbers. Numbers, oh numbers how I have such a negative relationship with you. The fact that you do not budge, the fact that the numbers tell you one thing and one thing only. Management is my only reprieve, but when you have a ratio of 1 Management unit to 3 other Accounting/Finance units, it gets stifled. It's harder to think creatively, harder to look at the angles because there are no angles to look at, or look from. The most you get is "Looking at this in an Accounting perspective and a Tax perspective".

People find comfort in numbers calculated, the fact that their accounts are not in the red satisfy them.

Accounting is boring. It is a fact. Words from my lecturer last year. Words that hold water. It is true. Some people find accounting bearable because of the thoughts of earning lots of money in the financial sector in the future, after they've graduated. Others have the gift of being able to see which transaction affects which ledgers easily. Some understand what the lecturers are doling out week after week with ease. You'll find that most Accounting students either take it because they want the money next time, or because they couldn't do anything else, or because it was practical.

But it's still all about money. Which points out how greedy the human race can be. The only way to get ahead in life is with money. Am I the only one who is saddened (and a little disgusted) by this thought? And this brings me back to Economics and how we need natural resources to trade so we can earn money. What happens when the resources run out? People are too busy thinking of how to earn their millions now, rather than thinking about what they will do once the resources run out. Every country aims for a certain percentage increase in their GDP each year. Is it possible to keep growing the economy? Frankly, I don't think so. Surely there's a plateau, the limit of how much resources can be harvested and a limit to the output.

I feel trapped. Doing something I never wanted to do. Doing something I don't enjoy. But as long as my parents are paying my fees and supporting me, I will do as they tell me. I can't let them down, either, because they're supporting me. Maybe one day, I'll be able to do what I really want. Let's hope that when that day comes, Commerce has not sucked out all the personality in me that all I want to look at are Excel sheets.

This post has been brought to you by late-night HRM essay writing (3000 words due by 5pm Monday) and the not-quite-so-happy state of life I'm currently in.

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